SSL Commerz payment gateway is one of the best payment gateway system in Bangladesh. It’s now so popular that most of the developers prefer to use it as their only payment gateway on their websites.

I am not expertise in web development. So, please forgive me if I have any mistake. But somehow, I tried to make a backend controller for the SSL-Commerz payment gateway with Express JS (Node).

Let’s do it together 👌✌

Payment Model (to save in Database [here I have used MongoDB])

To save the user data in the database you have to first make a model. …

Problem Solving

1. Swap Variables:

Process 1.

We can swap variables in many ways. First, I will discuss one of the easiest ways. Suppose there are two glass of juice. One is Mango Juice and other is Lemon Juice. Now we want to change the glass with each other. How can we do that? We can take an empty glass and put the Mango Juice there and then we can put the Lemon Juice there. Now Lemon glass is empty. And then, we can put the Mango juice of the temporary glass in the Empty Lemon Juice glass. …

1. Functional Component

Functional component is basically a function that pass the properties and returns JSX. Functional components are more optimized, easier to modify, run, debug and test. Functional components are possibly better performer. It does not offer any state or life cycle methods. To reduce coupling Functional Components are the best way to work with react. Coupling means degree of dependency between one entity to another one.


Const React = () => {

return <div> Let’s work with react</div>


export default React;

then at App.js, we must import the component and define the component as <React></React>.


1. Variable declarations and hoisting in ES6
Storing a value in a word or something is called variable in terms of Programming language. There was a time when in some programming language we didn’t have to declare variable(Basic). But as time goes variable declaration becomes more user friendly. In ES6 of JavaScript there are two types of variables 1. let and 2. const. Var used for a variable which might be a changeable value and const use for the value which is always constant.

Hosting lifts the variable to the highest point of the block. It’s an ignored conduct of…


Static properties are utilized when we’d prefer to store class-level information, additionally not bound to an occurrence.


The littlest span between two representable numbers.


It contains the maximum safe integer value in JavaScript.


If you see the name ‘max’ on heading you can concern that there will be that thing which might be bigger or largest. And that has really happened here. It contains the largest positive representable number.


There is minimum in the name of the method including safe integer. So it contains the minimum safe integer in JavaScript.


If you see the name ‘min’ on heading you can…

Md. Jidanul Hakim Jitu

I am a goal-oriented problem solver with energy for web development, who might want to join a group of similar engineers.

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